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Children's Therapy Associates is a small team of like-minded professionals with a common interest in helping families find the resources that they need and the services that are best suited to their goals and to their child's success.


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Please feel free contact Michelle Foosaner Diamond, MS PT for further information, available services, and scheduling inquiries.


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What our patients have to say about us:

Michelle is an awesome therapist. After my son's hip surgeries, the hospital PTs could not get him to work during rehab due to his autism behaviors. Michelle redirected him, and as a result, he was back walking sooner than doctor predicted! Michelle's expertise allowed my son with CP to improve his overall tone, and transition from a walker to crutches for short distance walking. I highly recommend Michelle for PT services.
Tamara, Physical Therapy Patient
Not to take anything away from any of the other therapists Julee has
had in the past, but the combination of yourself [Angel] and Michelle
are the best we've had. We are thankful!
Brad, Physical Therapy Patient
My daughter, age 4, has hemiplegic cerebral palsy and participated in a 3-week intensive program led by Michelle. My daughter has been in physical therapy since she was an infant and we've had a broad range of therapists over the years - Michelle is a gifted therapist. From the start, Michelle made my daughter's "intense" therapy a positive experience. She made lifting weights "fun," and kept my daughter focused for three hours when I thought she could only stay focused for three minutes. I noticed an increase in my daughter's strength and endurance, and her improvements have been lasting.
Seila, Mother
Angel, thank you so much for all of your work with Adam. He really did some amazing things over the 3 weeks, and we are grateful for your part in that. You are a wonderful PT and so lovely to be around. We hope to work with you again!
Adam's Mom

Just Announced!

Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy Summer Camps in South San Francisco. Please click here for more information.